Asset Management.

North82 Asset Management excels in purpose-driven value creation when managing complex assets – that performs solid risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

North82 is a private asset management firm co-investing along with institutional funds, family offices and HNWI’s.

North82 At A Glance
We operate with a proven strategy of sector focused investments, targeting explicit opportunities where deployment of capital, experience and network can release the full potential of each investment – all with a particular focus on downside protection and balanced risk-adjusted returns for our capital partners. By combining research-driven analysis on market fundamentals – North82 aims to identify attractive investments that are likely to outperform the market standards.

What We Do

Asset Management

North82 co-invest alongside our partners where capital, market insight and network can leverage further value and enhance the financial performance of the assets under management. We manage downside protection and ensure that exposure to risk is mitigated. We believe in local market insight, we monitor trends and perform diligent research
– to develop and execute well-founded strategies.
Alternative Investments

North82’s Alternative Investment strategy has a clear focus on investing in exceptional founders and leadership teams, heading high-quality companies with significant barriers of entry. We are constantly monitoring trends and new opportunities to invest in, with a strategy that is unconstrained by asset class and industry – however with a dominant focus on the Northern European territory.


One Platform.
Multiple Strategies.

North82 execute strategies for a range of market opportunities – with a particular focus on solid risk-adjusted returns and predictable cash flows.